Welcome to SATC Credentials Registration Portal

Before you begin your card credentials registration, ensure you have:

  • Ensure that you have the authorisation from your employer to submit this registration
  • You have the names and contact phone for each person that requires credentials
Please note:
  • Once you have submitted your registration, you will be provided with a registration number on the final confirmation page that you can use it any subsequent communication with SATC regarding this registration
  • You will also recive a confirmation email that contains the same registration number that was displayed on the confirmation page including the next steps that will be actioned by SATC as part of this registration
  • Once you have submitted you registration, if you need to make any further changes, please contact SATC and quote the registration number that you have been provided

Order Summary

Credential Registration Details for the

First Name:
Last Name:
Ticket Name:
Contact Phone:
Trading Name:
Legal Entity Name:
Key Event Contact:
Registration Type:
Quantity Description

Please ensure that details of your order are correct.

Accreditation Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your registration.

Your registration reference is: CC00000008

What happens next:

  • The above reference number confirms your registration has been successfully submitted should be quoted in all communications with SATC. Please that you record this number for your future reference. Note that you will also receive a email to confirm your registration for your records.
  • We will process this registration and if approved, an order will be created to produce your cards, vehicle passes and parking bay passes.
  • Order Summary Once the order has been fulfilled, a card credentials package will be produced and delivered to you.
  • If your registration doesn’t not pass our internal approval, we will contact you to explain our reasons.